b. 1993 : Pont-l'Abbé, France.
living in Guéthary, France.

Born in 1993 in Finistère, Johanna Olk studied industrial design and have always been attracted to objects and composition with a timeless beauty. Her work as a designer then as an artist is all about this. Johanna enjoys representing the strenght and the emotion living in the ordinary. She paints images playing with simplicity and the everyday life’s melancholy.

Exhibited in France and the United States, her work is simple while being able to create an emotion. Whether through her fine line drawings or through her large canvases, she represents women who seem to dream, enveloped in a certain melancholy. The artist embarks us into her world, as if time had suddenly stopped. She invites us to observe women with staring eyes. A coldness that catches our attention and which, paradoxically, soothes us.

She is also recognized in the world of tattooing.